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Mithraism was organized into seven initiatory levels, and little is known today about the substance of their beliefs and sacraments, although there is some evidence that human sacrifice was carried out, and that Mithraists worshipped, in addition to the youthful, bull-slaying Mithras, a lion-headed deity, Ahrimanius, who was synonymous with the Persian.
Radcliffe's (2000) article "Did the Mithraists Inhale?" discusses fumigation rites in cultic liturgy as well as relationships with Chaldean oracles, as does Vermaseren (1963).
Even the Mithraists of the fourth century were 'very provincial and Masonic and low-class regimental'.
And in the world of religious cult, in whatever century Heliodoros lived, Mithraists were depicting caves as an image of the kosmos.(17) In the Heliodoran cave both Charikleia and Thisbe are present; their identities may be confused, but we see the relative value of them set side by side.
In the second century both Naassenes and Mithraists are said to have drawn the cosmos as a seven-gated ladder by which souls climbed back to heaven (Contra Celsum vi.