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United States writer (born in England) who wrote on American culture (1917-1996)

English writer of comic novels (1904-1973)

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I was startled to realize that Decca, the Red Mitford, was only forty--just halfway through her life--when she left the party in 1957.
xix) In the Introduction, Laderman focuses on 1963, first discussing Mitford's book and its immediate impact, and then on John F.
Catherine Lockwood of Sheldon Bosley said: 'Mitford Oak House provides an excellent opportunity for a private individual or development company to maximise the potential of the site.
The amazing Mitford sisters included Nazi sympathiser Unity, Communist- thinking Jessica, novelist Nancy and Deborah, the Duchess of Devonshire.
The difficulty with Mitford as historian is that she was not one.
Mitford was born in London in 1744 to a well-to-do country family.
Lovell's biography chronicling the lives of Nancy, Pamela, Diana, Decca, Unity and Debo Mitford makes captivating reading for anyone interested in 20th-century history and society.
And here lies part of the problem as, with the exception of Pam, there is just too much ground to cover in the Mitford's exploits to offer any real insight into them.
According to Charlotte Mosley, Waugh affected a love of America (not obvious in his other writings) in order to tease Mitford; she had a genuine love of the French and of Picasso which he consistently and genuinely deplored.
Mitford's chief satiric novels are the quasi-autobiographical ThePursuit of Love (1945), Love in a Cold Climate (1949), The Blessing (1951), and Don't Tell Alfred (1960).
It is moving and interesting to see, for the first time so clearly, the courtship correspondence breaking into the ongoing context of EBB's letter writing, her letters to Mitford, Horne, Kenyon, and others.
And as the leaves start to fall, Linden Homes is allowing some prices to drop for a limited time only - including offering an incredible PS70,000 discount on its featured plot, the magnificent Mitford.
Kevin Wilson was the star of the show against new team Mitford A when he won all three matches and the doubles with Gareth Pearson.
Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (Berkley, $16, 576 pages, ISBN 9780425276211), Jan Karon's newest Mitford novel (her 10th, to be exact), is another heartwarming story of Father Tim and the North Carolina community millions of readers have come to love.