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United States aviator and general who was an early advocate of military air power (1879-1936)

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CAST: Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Billy Porter, Brandon Victor Dixon, Joshua Henry, Adrienne Warren, Amber Iman, Brooks Ashmanskas
Town: Francis, Trevitt, Cowan, Logan, Scully, Mitchell, Billy (Crosby 89), Bullock, Booth, Jepson (Dunn 76), Reid.
Other names that can be added to the list are Billy Kasper, Jimmy Courville, Dan McCarthy, Paul Mitchell, Billy Mullins, Angie Pappas, Jack Foley, Eddie Balser, Phil Philip, Bobby Vartainian and Joe Tribandis.
The actual work was performed by FISC contractor personnel from AMSEC LLC (Jack Smithson, Todd Mitchell, Billy Athey, Mike Morgan, and Greg Jeangueant), with management/ coordination and transportation performed by FISC Norfolk MHE Operations, Kissel noted.
Middle row: Brian Jones, ?, Beryl Thomas, Beryl Hedley, Norma Pearson, Dorothy Rouse, Judith Thompson, Ruby Mitchell, Billy Lyons, Eric Keeley.
The show's other myriad criminals include: Andy, Den, Dennis, Phil Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Juley, Tariq, Martin, Minty, Mickey, Bloody Big Mo, Charlie and Paul.
7-2 Stacey Slater, Ben Mitchell, 5 Sean Slater, Janine Butcher, 8 Jack Branning, 11 Bradley Branning, 12 Peggy Mitchell, 16 Phil Mitchell, Grant Mitchell, Billy Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, 20 bar.
But for now he deserves to enjoy his success and he will, just as Mitchell, Billy Joe Saunders, Frankie Gavin and James DeGale will enjoy theirs as the three Olympians all won their fifth professional fights on Saturday's under card.