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Synonyms for mistress

Synonyms for mistress

a woman schoolteacher (especially one regarded as strict)

a woman master who directs the work of others

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Both Renaissance queens and mistresses, who often functioned as political and cultural power brokers in their own right, became dangerous symbols of male dependency and royal corruption.
The research also laid bare the most popular gift items for wives and mistresses, with 25 per cent of men buying diamonds for their mistress (compared with 10 percent for their wife) and 20 percent splashing out on lingerie for an affair (compared to 8 percent for their wife).
Since appearing on The Mistress - a Kitchen Nightmares-style show where she overhauled the lives of mistresses and got them to date single guys - Sarah said many women had got in touch asking how to be a more knowing wife.
Revelations about Qi's mistresses first emerged on Chinese social networking websites last week, where users have also recently exposed several other lurid cases of corruption by low- and mid-level officials.
As far as I know, mistresses are not forbidden, neither in France, nor in Islam.
She records that 'madams' (or mistresses of servants) use their free time to play golf/bridge, undertake paid employment and voluntary work, engage in community activities, and above all, devote time to their children's intellectual and emotional development.
Mistresses is an unsubtle yarn not of the liberated women we were told to expect, but of the all too mundane females still believing that the unswerving love of a good man and a litter of young would make them happy.
The result, Maids And Mistresses a series of seven linked exhibitions exploring the role of women in the power houses of Yorkshire, of Brodsworth Hall (Doncaster), Burton Constable (near Hull), Castle Howard (near York), Harewood House, Lotherton Hall and Temple Newsam (Leeds), and Nostell Priory (Wakefield).
I don't totally disagree with Richard, but if he thinks the alternative to ``morality from experience'' is for us to learn morality from moral instruction, or preaching, or words from on high, he needs to think about priests who abuse young boys, presidents we see attending church one day and being impeached or caught with mistresses the next, a cabinet member who espouses morality based on religious ethics yet is addicted
Given the racial homogeneity of this social group, I explore the various definitions of maids and mistresses about their situations.
The owners Nick and Penny Anderton made a fuss of us and said we could stay in the bedrooms as long as our mistresses were there.
It is an A to Z listing of a great number of women that have had an effect on the course of history who could be considered to have been mistresses at some point in their lives.
Three young girls from different backgrounds converge on a social circle where men are expected to have mistresses and mistresses expect jewels.