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the first part of the Talmud


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The opening portions (a) of both sections of these mishnayot simply note that the number of generations between Adam and Noah and between Noah and Abraham are the same, exactly 10, a number which is generally seen as constituting a unit.
Houtman presents the full corpora, without change, in parallel columns in the order of the mishnayot and halakhot.
Mishnaalso spelled Mishnah ("Repeated Study"), plural Mishnayot The oldest authoritative postbiblical collection and codification of Jewish oral laws, systematically compiled by numerous scholars over a period of about two centuries.
170) The generations that followed the Tannaim were called Amoraim ("those who recount the law") because they worked to interpret and deliver the authoritative Mishnayot.
When we consider the rabbinic Targum to Isaiah and its restatement in Mishnah Makkot in view of Christian contexts, we are struck by the impression that the last two mishnayot in Makkot (showing that God justifies--yizkeh to--the one who avoids "theft and adultery" and justifies their children until the end of time) address sectarian attacks on the Judaism of the sages.
Only because of "a time came for G-d" they permitted the writing of mishnayot and halachot; however, since according to the law they were not given to be written, they do not defile the hands and it is permissible to touch them uncovered.
In explaining these mishnayot, the Talmud brings numerous textual sources for the obligation of zimmun.