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Synonyms for misgiving

Synonyms for misgiving

a feeling of uncertainty about the fitness or correctness of an action

Synonyms for misgiving

uneasiness about the fitness of an action


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painful expectation

References in classic literature ?
Or is it, after all, to quote him once more, that beyond those ever- recurring pagan misgivings, those pale pagan consolations, our generation feels yet cannot adequately express--
Long afterwards, Hardyman remembered the misgivings that had troubled him when he wrote that letter.
She felt some uneasiness at the anxiety of these men, increased by the recollection of their whispering together down stairs and their slight confusion when she awoke, nor was she quite free from a misgiving that they were not the fittest companions she could have stumbled on.
Meanwhile, I lay quietly eyeing him, having no serious misgivings now, and bent upon narrowly observing so curious a creature.
It domineered above them so, that all their bodings, doubts, misgivings, fears, were fain to hide beneath their souls, and not sprout forth a single spear or leaf.
If it had been Sid, she would have had no misgivings to alloy her delight; but since it was Tom, she watched the bottle clandestinely.
I mused to myself; and sore misgivings came over me that there was slight hope of that.
When on the verge of submission to these opinions, the small duel had showed them that the propor- tions were not impossible, and by it they had revenged themselves upon their misgivings and upon the foe.
However, as the moment for the girl's setting out drew nigh, when the first excitement of the dressing had passed off, a slight misgiving found place in Joan Durbeyfield's mind.
Her seeming indecision was, in fact, more than indecision: it was misgiving.
He might, perhaps, reckon on the arrival of trains at the designated hours, in Europe, where the distances were relatively moderate; but when he calculated upon crossing India in three days, and the United States in seven, could he rely beyond misgiving upon accomplishing his task?
Meanwhile too I had made the acquaintance of the charming lady Obstacle,--as it proved so unfair to call her,--and by some process of natural magnetism we had immediately won each other's hearts, so that on the moonlight night on which I took the river path with my brown-paper parcel there was no misgiving in my heart,--nothing but harping and singing, and blessings on the river that seemed all silver with the backs of magic trout.
With a good deal of curiosity and some misgiving I obeyed.
Lorry received these confidences, and as he watched the face of his friend now sixty-two years of age, a misgiving arose within him that such dread experiences would revive the old danger.
Dialects are part of the wonderful heritage of our country; I have misgivings about anyone who doesn't possess one, and decry those who try to force our children to disown what is rightfully theirs.