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A misconception on your part, a very great misconception if I may venture to call it so, seems to require setting right.
This would have been in itself sufficient to have possessed the company with the real state of affairs; but the young woman of all work had prevented the possibility of any misconception arising in the mind of any gentleman upon the subject, by forcibly dragging every man's glass away, long before he had finished his beer, and audibly stating, despite the winks and interruptions of Mr.
These 12 misconceptions reflect a lack of understanding about the changing economy and the demands it places on educational institutions.
MH: One last thing: any lingering misconceptions about your work or your career that you feel are out there?
But now we must respond specifically to their financial concerns and misconceptions by showing seniors how they can optimize the use of their income and assets.
This article attempts to clarify many of the misconceptions associated with the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.
of 96 medical charts of 86 abused women who, together, made a total of 772 visits to two Boston hospitals, revealed that poorly documented medical records resulting from misconceptions between the legal and medical communities could hurt abused women's legal cases.
To the common observation that most of them overestimate the number of prospects who will actually subscribe and underestimate the price they will pay for the newsletter, I found these two misconceptions that they had about the newsletter business:
This beautifully illustrated work of Renaissance art history challenges many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the Renaissance by arguing that "the Renaissance represented a culmination rather than a complete rejection of.
Common Fibre Channel misconceptions abound, but if you read on, you can take the mysticism out of the myths.
religious questions; popular misconceptions about suicide; and now, the future; and suggested materials and resources.
She believes efforts such as these give Schwab a chance to "connect with the African American community [and] correct some of the misconceptions about investing.
In the process, ICG's plan for Warnaco corrected some deep-seated misconceptions about workers' compensation, involving the reasons employees file, the cost-effective options available to companies once they do, and the roles corporate and external specialists play in the claims process.
We must also work with the business community to dispel some misconceptions about what compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act will entail.
Realizing the full potential of austempered ductile iron calls for a more thorough understanding of its capabilities and overcoming some common misconceptions about its production.