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The resolution suggested a focused approach in disseminating this decree throughout the country so that any misconceptions about the bathing of newborns are discouraged.
We need to save their lives by removing these misconceptions.
Objective: To determine knowledge and misconceptions about asthma among the local population.
Here are six misconceptions about smoke taint to be aware of:
Talking will help lose misconceptions IF we do not try to understand each other then we live with hostility and misconceptions.
That shows how those misconceptions can miss the real source of most crimes and actually work against common-sense anti-crime steps, like getting to know your neighbors.
Mine the Gap for Mathematical Understanding: Common Holes and Misconceptions and What to Do About Them: Grades K-2
ISLAMABAD -- The Greenstar Social Marketing (GSM), an independent network member of Population Services International on Saturday announced the launch of a drive to eradicate myths and misconceptions associated with modern family planning methods.
The durability of the above misconceptions may hinder SMBs from exploring what CRM solutions can do for th , and also from understanding the value they offer.
With the changing times comes a big gray area and a lot of misconceptions.
Summary: Sarah Al Ahbabi showcases common misconceptions about Emiratis through photo art project
LAHORE -- Advisor to Chief Minister Khawaja Ahmed Hasaan presided over a meeting of Ulema belonging to all schools of thought, here today in which a comprehensive briefing was given by Punjab government to the Ulema on the Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act 2016 to address their concerns and to clear out any misconceptions regarding the act.
Since launching the initiative, discussions among safety experts, stakeholders, local officials, and the public have raised a number of common misconceptions about the use of Federal funding, street design, and the environmental review process.
This is with reference to the report "Woman sociologist removes common misconceptions about Saudi Arabia" (Dec.
A day before his meeting with Kejriwal, Bassi said it was an opportunity to exchange thoughts and clear misconceptions.