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reproduction by parents of different races (especially by white and non-white persons)

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The exhibition, held on November 2, highlighted the relevance of Peruvian cuisine in today's world cuisine, highlighting the particularity of its origins and the miscegenation that was the object of the colony, with influences from the Spanish cuisine, Moorish, Chinese and Japanese Dr.
The movie Lincoln showed miscegenation with a white congressman, Tommy Lee Jones, and his negro housekeeper.
it, there was extensive miscegenation in the English colonics before the
More importantly, Hitler knew about the racism--both de facto and de ju re--in American immigration, citizenship, and miscegenation law.
Edwards, called it "inflammatory, too frank a depiction of miscegenation, offensive to moral standards and no good for either White or Negro." There was a happy ending for Fox, though.
The history of racial mixing, whether called amalgamationism or miscegenation, has long been fraught with the kind of neglect associated with cultural taboos.
Among the reasons stated for the disqualification of Dorit Rabinyan's "Gader Haya" (literally "Hedgerow," but known in English as "Borderlife") is the need to maintain what was referred to as "the identity and the heritage of students in every sector," and the belief that "intimate relations between Jews and non-Jews threatens the separate identity." The Education Ministry also expressed concern that "young people of adolescent age don't have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national-ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation."
Meanwhile miscegenation laws in thirty states mostly anti-Negro
Its scarcity onstage, admittedly, may have as much to do with the play's combustible tone as its miscegenation theme.
I argue that the film's contribution to the zombie genre is in that it portrays the collapse and rebirth of the American family as occurring through racial miscegenation outside traditional middle class social structures, an idea suggested in other zombie films but never explicitly visualized for the screen.
It was inspired by Miscegenation Blues: Voices of Mixed Race Women, published in 1994.
Here the alien-human congress is explored in essays on Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis trilogy, miscegenation in science fiction TV and film, colonialism in Star Trek, and preoedipal development in Primo Levi's science fiction.
In this way, they would "improve" the quality of the Brazilian population through miscegenation, introducing white people into a mainly mongrel context.
It is miscegenation: the taking over of the body of a white woman of the ruling class by a man of color who has children with this woman....
The Sao Paulo-based furniture designer Rodrigo Almeida is taking back the word miscegenation. He is Brazilian--meaning a mosh of African, Portuguese, and indigenous Bahian--and in his work as well Almeida mixes myriad techniques and materials, high and low, natural and synthetic, sometimes out-Memphising Memphis.