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French revolutionary who was prominent in the early days of the French Revolution (1749-1791)

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Clarke said yesterday: "We're still learning about Miss Mirabeau. She isn't the most straightforward but seems to have loads of ability.
Mirabeau helps clients develop and implement their digital marketing strategies and build omnichannel customer experiences.
By far the classiest (and driest) pinks are roses from Provence where ex-pat winemaker Stephen Cronk and his Mirabeau range is rapidly making a name for itself.
Mirabeau Wine began in the summer of 2009 when Stephen Cronk and his family moved from London to a small town called Cotignac in the heart of Provence, France.
Section 2 examines the debate in France, in particular in the work of Marquis de Mirabeau. Section 3 explores the role of luxury in the context of Steuart's view of modern consumption and economic growth.
As for Hamilton, his season took another turn for the worse when he slid into a tyre wall on entry into the Mirabeau in Q1, damaging his left-rear wheel and leaving him to start from 16th.
Also: Construction of an abattoir and ancillary works at Mirabeau. Invitations for bid are expected in Sept.
The good burghers of Montargis (located just south of Paris) set aside a room in the town hall to memorialize local greats, and the pantheon they assembled is revelatory, running from the admiral turned Protestant martyr Coligny through the revolutionary orator Mirabeau to the Romantic painter Girodet.
Participants in the event included the Beach Cafe at the Point Bar, Bada Lounge, Belltown Bistro, Bookstore Bar, Chapel, Frontier Room, Garage, Ibiza Dinner Club, Il Bistro, Jasmine, Jaeger Restaurant and Bar, May Restaurant and Lounge, Palace Kitchen, Sazerac, Sport Restaurant and Bar, Ten Mercer, The Hi-Life, The Matador Ballard, The Mirabeau Room, The Pink Door, The Triple Door, Tini Bigs Lounge and the W Seattle Bar.
When the radical Marat was granted the honours of Pantheonization it was also decided that he could not cohabitate in the Pantheon of national heroes with the moderate Mirabeau. When Marat's body entered the front door, Mirabeau's body left through the transept.
UNEP, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics Production and Consumption, Tour Mirabeau, 39/43 quai Andre Citroen, 75739 Paris Cedex 13, France.
The winners will stay at the plush four star Hotel Mirabeau, with continental breakfast included.
Compiled by Marc Dachy, this spoken-word anthology begins with the ghostly voice of Apollinaire declaiming his poem "Le Pont Mirabeau" in 1912 and ends with Caetano Veloso performing the Brazilian poet de Campos's work in the late '70s.