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an American militiaman prior to and during the American Revolution

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a strategic weapon system using a guided missile of intercontinental range

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Joseph's as the Minutemen were playing a struggling, slow-down style opponent in a venue that's tough for opponents to win at.
At the end of the article, the conclusion states that, "None of these groups were successful in getting rid of the Minutemen.
Welcome to the world of the Minutemen, where all-American values provide a nice storefront for a financial black hole that vacuums up hundreds of thousands of donors' dollars.
Often, the photographs of minutemen and of migrants are displayed side by side, and are accompanied by quotations from representatives of each group.
In the past month, the Minutemen have gathered outside St.
Jorge, a Mojave resident, said the Antelope Valley Independent Minutemen was founded to try other tactics not used by the nationally known Minuteman Project, whose members have staked out border crossings used by people entering the United States illegally.
The Minutemen are retired men and women who have the time and the means for such volunteer activities.
The Minutemen provide global logistics support for U.
I was puzzled when the Minutemen set up camp just below me on Border Road.
The premiere of We Jam Econo, The Story of the Minutemen was thrown at the classy old Warner Grand Theatre right in downtown Pedro at the end of February.
Jamming econo is a term used by the Minutemen, which according to their bassist, Mike Watt ".
Massachusetts's largest Boy Scout council, the Boston Minutemen, took another stand for nondiscrimination June 10 when it announced the creation of a diversity award at its annual fund-raiser.
AMHERST -- Four minutes of struggle negated 36 of UMass' strongest minutes of the season Wednesday as the Minutemen couldn't close out Davidson at the Mullins Center.
30) Premier Nikita Khrushchev thus needed 3,000 perfectly working missiles to destroy all 300 mobile Minutemen, not counting the 900 silo-based Minutemen and other American nuclear forces.