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a stately court dance in the 17th century

a stately piece of music composed for dancing the minuet

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The symphony's third movement displays two distinct moods: The stately but severe Minuetto section, played here with conviction, and the charming trio section, scored for the six winds only (oboes, bassoons and horns), which offered a wonderful minute or two of sunny optimism.
Music man Mike Batt wrote the show's theme song and penned hits like Remember You're A Womble, We Wish You A Wombling Merry Christmas Every Day, Minuetto Allegretto and Wombling White Hats And Tails.
Mr Berkowitz's excellence as a performer is seen especially in those passages calling for extreme delicacy: his playing of the minuetto in the E Flat Major Sonata is an example of this.
Leo Brouwer's "Mujer bailando un Minuetto," from his larger work Paisajes, Relmtos y Mujeres (1997), is a delightful piece, full of playfulness and lively interaction between the guitar, flute, and viola.
Minuetto dance specialists from the Ludica Antiqua event management company will offer an insight into 18th century Italian courtlife with two dance lessons at the Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence and Spa.
At first I had some minor doubts about the rather leisurely pace of the First Movement introduction and again during the Third Movement Minuetto, but all doubts were put to rest as things warmed up.
The Minuetto can rarely have sounded so impassioned, and the finale was stripped of all superficial charm to become as obsessive and as terrible as anything in Winterreise.
The Minuetto is once again more dramatic, while the Trio is sweet and graceful.
Telemann, "The Moldau" by Bedrich Smetana and Toccata, Aria, Minuetto, Giga by Alessandro Scarlatti.
Sia infine consentito citare (a cura dello scrivente e contenente un suo saggio e uno di Sarah Zappulla Muscara) l'intervista Minuetto con Bonaviri, Dublino, Italian Department, Trinity College e Torino, Trauben, 2001.
In this last-mentioned work, Graziani writes an ABA Minuetto grazioso with the A and B sections clearly defined by harmonic changes, contrasting melodic lines, and internal structural construction; each large section is divided into subsections, thereby forming binary substructures within this ternary movement.