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a stately court dance in the 17th century

a stately piece of music composed for dancing the minuet

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The bulk of Frampton's publication is comprised of minuets (with an appendix on the dance form).
For my own music department this includes a performance of a piece of a level of difficulty and hand independence equivalent to the familiar Minuets from the Anna Magdalena Bach Notebook.
Longest distance(300 m) which covered 30 second in reverse gear on the snowy surface, short standing (56,2 m) on the ice, capable more eight drawing (3 tour) on the ice in a two minuets, most speed slalom(1 min, 11 sec) on the ice, most speedy tour (19 sec)on square shape icy runway
She plays everything from marches and minuets to songs from the musicals.
Hashiya, graduate student Tasuko Sugimoto, and team handed Sakura a string to pull that let her to replay classical minuets after hearing bits of them, reports Live Science.
In the tie which was held in Alexandria, Abdel-Malek hit the net on four minuets before Abdel-Salam Nagah added a second in the 21st minute.
also the double and reverse minuets, bretagne, cotillions, with the newest country dance .
Ferguson grabbed his first from the penalty spot on 11 minuets after he himself had been pulled back inside the area by Wayne Buchanan.
The start of the five-round event at the La Quinta Country Club was delayed by over 30 minuets due to frost, which allowed Allenby time to realise he had left his putter in his hotel room.
In the 1770s, a formal Assembly in London or Bath would open with a series of minuets, the French dance for one couple at a time.
Alloa, who had lost their last five games and were one of only two teams in the league without a point, struck after seven minuets when Stuart Callaghan swept the ball home from a free kick.
The individual pieces comprise overtures, airs, minuets, gigues, gavottes, and the like, and they represent a fair sampling of Rameau's many varied moods and styles.
FOLLOWING my recent emergency treatment at Bodelwyddan,I thought I'd drop you a line to say how much I appreciated the treatment I received both in A&E (I was examined within 10 minuets of walking in the door)and in Ward 6.
At first Minuets and Stuyvesants led the empire, followed by the Livingstons and Clintons.
He's set minuets and gavottes and a big waltz number--something of an anachronism since the period is 1794 and social waltzing didn't come in till well after the French Revolution.