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a digital computer of medium size

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We want to enable everybody to do whatever their imagination drives them to do with our mini-computers.
ModMyPi Ltd was founded in February 2012 following the public release of the 'Raspberry Pi Model B', a revolutionary new ultra-low cost, credit card sized mini-computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a UK based charity.
The mini-computer was displaced over time by PC networks, which were cheaper, more flexible and faster.
For both new users and those switching to the Apple iPad, Wang (My New Mac, My New iPhone) provides clear instructions on how to use this mini-computer for personal and business use.
Octopad, a Bulgarian version of iPad, is a mini-computer that can be used for taking notes, listening to music or watching video, which also has a navigation system and wireless Internet device.
But it s only since the advent of iPhones and other smartphones, allowing decent internet access with what s essentially a mini-computer, that such risks have become tangible, rather than the stuff of anti-virus vendor PowerPoint slides, SRI warns.
The Gatekeeper Pico for Mac is a USB key-size Linux-based security mini-computer, with 12 built-in security applications.
The Gandini Jugglers will present Glow - a colourful spectacle using state-of-the-art, programmable juggling clubs, each containing its own mini-computer that makes them change colour, fade or strobe in unison.
The "Pup" is linked to a mini-computer connected to a syringe at the end of the bed.
founded in Maynard in 1957, was the inventor of the mini-computer and grew to be the second largest computer company before being sold to Compaq Computer in 1998 and later to Hewlett-Packard Corp.
Sirek continues, and her trolley is equipped with some form of mini-computer as well.
NewsNet vice president Gary Reibsamen set the newsletter association up on a complimentary basis that included a little desktop mini-computer.
and the Pokemon mini-computer Pokedex are also noisy.
INTERACTANT utilizes an IBM AS/400 mini-computer system that provides the best performance-to-cost ratio of all platforms available today.
But, like many companies that supply state-of-the-art technology to their customers, Computervision was not using the most advanced technology internally This company that specializes in all-in-one computer systems was saddled with more than 300 mini-computer systems spread throughout the organization.