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So far, I have only decorated my mini-bus outside, but I'm also going to embellish the cabin," minibus No.
There were no passengers in the mini-bus at the time of the incident.
TRIPOLI, Lebanon: More road accidents are expected to take place in Lebanon, the secretary-general of YASA International told The Daily Star Friday, after a devastating crash between a commuter mini-bus and a truck claimed four lives.
An army communique pointed out that the mini-bus "was trying to escape from a checkpoint set in the area despite being warned several times, prompting soldiers to open fire at it", Al Bawaba reported.
Al-Khidir a dit que l'Etat a exhorte les entreprises de petites industries pour faire fonctionner les mini-bus sur la ligne continue ,se referant aux efforts deployes pour les solutions radicales des problemes du transport en commun .
A delivery boy on his motorbike behind the mini-bus was also hit.
The accident happened at around 6:00am (0400 GMT) in the central town of Bratoszewice when the mini-bus failed to stop at the level railway crossing.
The Dragons boss has resolved one pressing issue by teaming up with Wrexham Supporters Association to buy a new mini-bus for the club's young players.
Volunteer co-ordinator Pat Whalley said: "We are looking for volunteers to help with theatre and shopping trips, driving the mini-bus, gardening, arts and crafts and fundraising for our Beechwood Mini-bus Appeal" For further details about the tea party contact Pat on 01484 687829 or pat.
KHT'S Prescot Area Board gave pounds 6,000 to the Prescot 1438 Air Training Squadron and Prescot Air Cadets to buy a mini-bus.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Five people, four Japanese and a Pakistani national, were killed in a road accident on Wednesday after a mini-bus hit the rear of a trailer loaded with heavy building materials on the Abu Dhabi-Sila highway towards Ghuweifat in the Western Region.
Given that lighting, color and music are essential characteristics of this mini-bus, the only two things that the W-11 resume still needs are air-conditioning and the provision of food.
That was the scene at Muglad - Abyei this morning where ten people including a pregnant woman died in a mini-bus accident.
They hit the target and are now the proud owners of a mini-bus.
Eyewitnesses said the overloaded mini-bus plunged into a 250-feet deep gorge and landed on the ground after hitting several rocks in the gorge.