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small motorcycle with a low frame and small wheels and elevated handlebars


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Mini-bike riding is just one of the urban action sports set to be featured on the show, which replaces Big Brother.
In the wake of the incident the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said there had been at least seven deaths in the UK since 2004 involving mini-bikes and five involved children under 15.
Broadly speaking, without wishing to delve into the intricacies of the law too deeply, the following is a good starting point, should you be considering using a mini-bike on a road or other public place:
The broad-shouldered 47-year-old was riding a mini-bike before most of us took off our training wheels, and he still owns his first full-sized model, a 1975 Honda 354.
in Kita Ward, where two young men on a mini-bike approached the victim, a 51-year-old woman, from behind and snatched her bag containing about 10,000 yen in cash.
This year, Razor introduces four new electric scooters just in time for the holidays: the E(TM)100, E(TM)200, E(TM)200S and the E(TM)300, in addition to the XLR8R(TM) electric scooter, the Electric Punk(TM) mini-bike and the Electric Scream Machine(TM) three-wheeler, which were released in June.
Mile Hill Road, loud mini-bike or ATV in the woods behind the house.
A MINI-BIKE gang toured Yorkshire's best film locations and re-enacted famous scenes - on two wheels.
Older fans on Teesside will remember a young Wallinger as the Boro Bears mascot when he would ride tentatively round the Cleveland Park track before meetings on a mini-bike.
Police will not chase mini motorbikes, but say that by quickly arriving on off-roaders they can corner mini-bike riders, and their presence is a deterrent.
The 17-year-old died last April after he lost control of his 49cc mini-bike and hit a bus on Salters Road, Gosforth.
CYCLAIRE is billed as "the fastest mini-bike pump in the world".
Ridden legally by a trained rider, a mini-bike can be enormous fun
Three bag-snatching incidents involving mini-bike riders hit Nagoya in less than two hours in Higashi Ward Monday night, the police said.
Yet when he's not careening through the streets on his mini-bike, Marcus is a dutiful and kind kid, living with his grandmother, who runs a bar, and visiting his mom in prison.