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ship equipped to detect and then destroy or neutralize or remove marine mines

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That summer John Wayne brought his yacht, a converted mine sweeper, to the island.
Andria Slough, commanding officer of the mine sweeper USS Defender, said at a press conference that Tuesday's stop at Hirara port on Miyakojima Island is aimed at deepening the two countries' friendship.
After serving aboard a mine sweeper during the Second World War, he was first elected as a representative for the Breckfield ward in the 1950s.
Organisers of the 4th annual Tees Barrage 10k Road Race watched along with many onlookers as the former Royal Navy mine sweeper started to sink at its berth in Stockton on Sunday.
His attachment until August 1 includes time in a nuclear attack sub and on a mine sweeper, but will not be sent to the turbulent Gulf region.
So, we like to have castings that make people stand back and say, "Cool." Our past winners have included a steel casting for the NASA space shuttle transport vehicle, an aluminum hollow control arm for an award-winning suspension and a vehicle hull section for an underwater mine sweeper. This year's winner, the Rangeland Planter Boot Casting, appears to be just another in a long line of "widget" iron castings produced by hundreds of metalcasters every day.
The escape took place aboard a former Australian navy mine sweeper, Retriever 1, which is now being held in Vanuatu's Port Vila harbour.
The new machine is a 14-tonne mine sweeper manufactured by the Croatian firm Duro Dakovic Special Vehicles.
Other categories include the Mini Robot Sumo competition, the Line Following Robot competition, and the Mine Sweeper Challenge competition where robots are required to traverse a series of real-world terrains of increasing complexity to gather as many points as possible.
Sized between a patrol craft and small corvette, these ships have modular roll-on/roll-off containerized weapons stations, allowing rapid conversion of the vessel to mine hunter, mine sweeper, combat unit, anti-submarine warfare or other roles.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Mine Sweeper Qty-4nos
The projects included designing and building amoured vehicles, army transport helicopters, military aircraft carriers, mine sweeper robots and model submarines.
In 1951-1954, he served in the US Navy on the USS Token mine sweeper stationed in Charleston, South Carolina.
His attachment until August 1 includes time in a nuclear attack sub and on a mine sweeper, but he will not be sent to the turbulent Gulf region.
He served in the Navy during the Korean War as a mine sweeper and rescuer of downed pilots.