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an explosive mine hidden underground

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Balochistan is notorious for coal mine incidents as hundreds of coal miners were killed due to mine explosion in various coal mine fields. The NHRC member Ms.
The attenuation rate of spring quantity in the mine field of Yushuwan, Mawangmiao, and Zhujiata is 40-50%.
In Ott's system, the method of triangulation was used for all measurements of mine fields within the Ostrava coal district.
"The fact that you have laid a mine field does not mean it will stay put.
He noted that as many 15 mine workers have been killed in different subversive acts during last six months in different mine fields of the province.
The mine fields also prevented agricultural development projects and exploration for oil and minerals, which could have generated millions of dollars for Egypt.
THEY will cross deserts, scale mountains and manoeuvre mine fields on a 4,000-mile journey of hope.
For his part, Governor of al-Quneitra province, Hussain Arnous, said the people of the occupied Syrian Arab Golan are suffering from a chronic problem which is the mine fields set up by the Israeli occupation army around the villages and farms.
They were also criticised for not being able to prevent minors from working in mine fields.
Over the past month, the association helped plant trees in cleared mine fields in the villages of Tulin, Aynata and Aytroun in South Lebanon.
"There are 71 mine fields in the buffer zone and so far we have cleared 56 of them.
The Ministry said inline with Law no 5903, the mine fields would be demined through service procurement method, that comprises of the stages of preparation, tender, implementation and approval and certification which would also involve the construction of a physical border security system.
The path from an idea to a successful innovation or commercial venture is lined with mine fields that can sabotage success at any step.
He leads about 100 men and women in various tasks, including clearing mine fields, improving living conditions for the people in Samarra and providing security.