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an actor who communicates entirely by gesture and facial expression

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Mimas' most famous surface feature is its enormous impact crater that is about 81 miles across, named Herschel in honor of the moon's discoverer.
Although the surface of Mimas is peppered with an abundance of impact craters, none of them approach the monumental size of Herschel.
That evening Mimas was due to reach eastern elongation from the planet.
I have now seen all 21 of the solar system moons that are visible with a 16-inch telescope: ours, Mars's two, five of Jupiter's (Himalia was the fifth), eight of Saturn's (Enceladus and Hyperion are much easier than Mimas), four of Uranus's, and one of Neptune's (Triton).
"Why is such a small icy body like Enceladus active today while a comparably sized icy Saturnian satellite like Mimas is not?