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However, through the Green Lady's triumph, Perelandra vindicates women from any charge of being inherently too weak to stand firm against temptation, and in its replication of a Miltonic Eve, it vindicates traditional Miltonic marital and gender hierarchy as well.
The Puritanism envisioned by him is truly Miltonic in spirit and essence than the mainstream thinking on the religious and political implications of this religious renaissance, seeking reforms in the English Church.
Joan Curbet's essay "Incarnational Poetics: Embodiment and Literary Influence in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Stories from the Manse Period," focuses on the tales "Egotism; or, the Bosom-Serpent," "The Birth-mark," "Drowne's Wooden Image," and "The Artist of the Beautiful." In these tales, Curbet explores what he describes as "the obsessively recurring topic of incarnation or, to put it in more qualified terms, the seeming projection of spirit into matter, and the difficulty of neatly demarcating the former from the latter." Thus topic, as the author illuminates, is explored in terms that are distinctly Spenserian and Miltonic.
Both Borges and Pessoa were aware of such Miltonic subtlety.
He covers Milton and the staging of spectacle, pre-cinematic entertainment, early cinema and the cinematic sublime, the ambivalence of the Miltonic film, winged warriors and the war in heaven, and the horror film.
These Miltonic, Blakean predilections give Amrita Tripathi's second novel The Sibius Knot a hazy, blurry, breathless quality that is, let's confess, unusual in Indian novelistic scene.
The Campaign, suggests David Fairer, incorporates "the tactics, imagery and vocabulary of politeness" to "convey an unproblematic reading of Marlborough's success" and makes a Whiggish political point "by exploiting ease, smoothness, and harmony." (7) In contrast, seeking to escape Addison's "hortatory mode of celebration," Philips self-consciously employs a "Miltonic descriptive style" (8) to produce his Tory response to Bleinheim.
Humanism and Classical Crisis: Anxiety, Intertexts, and the Miltonic Memory
into Miltonic Christianity's anxious reimaging of the nature of salvation' (p.
The early chapters on "Miltonic allusion in [Johnson's] periodical essays" for instance, often rely on unconvincing intertextual echoes rather than actual allusions.
Going back to Homer, the 'poetics of blindness' and particularly 'Miltonic aesthetic light' and 'light and shadow' are fundamental to Kant's writings, from the Observations to the second and third Critiques as well as the anthropology lectures.
William Oram writes about Philip Pullman's Miltonic fantasy known collectively as His Dark Materials.
(11) Later in Milton (27/29:45-46, E 125) this "False Tongue beneath Beulah" (a cunnilingual image) is identified as "the Sense of Touch"--reflecting Paradise Lost (8.579-80), in which the "sense of touch" is the "dear delight" whereby "mankind / Is propagated," (12) a Miltonic passage Blake acknowledges earlier in the Visions of the Daughters of Albion (7:26-29, E 50) where "dear delight" (Blake's phrase) signifies "lovely copulation" (my emphasis).
The paradox in his case was not the Miltonic tension between love for the Hebrew Bible and blind hatred for Judaism and Jews.
Morrison's allusions to Paradise Lost at once unpack Miltonic certainties and exploit Miltonic uncertainties and ambivalences, and in so doing, contribute to the scrutiny of the nascent Enlightenment world-view and of the transition into constructions of "America" that A Mercy enacts.