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Las arenas se observaron exclusivamente en Aspasia epidendroides Lindl., Cuitlauzina pygmaea, Miltonia spectabilis Lindl., Oncidium uniflorum Booth ex Lindl., O.
Estos caracteres han sido considerados atributos indicadores de xeromorfia en otras especies de Orchidaceae, tales como Encylia aclamaria, Miltonia flavescens, Stanhopea lietzi y Vanda tricolor (Olivera y Sajo, 1999), Cattleya (Zanenga-Godoy y Goncalves--Costa, 2003; Da Silva y Milaneze-Gutierre, 2004).
Other stamps feature a clematis, a lily, a delphinium, a miltonia and a dianthus allwoodii.
Sucrose was recommended for the propagation of Miltonia flavescens (30 and 45g [L.sup.-1]; BESSON et al., 2010), Cattleya loddigesii (20g [L.sup.-1]; GALDIANO-JUNIOR et al., 2013), and Phalaenopsis 'Pink' hybrid (20g [L.sup.-1]; ZAHARA et al., 2017).
fuscatum Rchb.f., a rather peculiar species originally described under Miltonia Lindl.
The six orchids shown on the Jersey set are: 21p Cymbidium Maufant Jersey in a delicate pink spike of blossoms; 25p Miltonia Millbrook Jersey in vivid red and white; 31p Paphiopedilum Transvaal; 37p Paphiopedilum Elizabeth Castle; 43p Calanthe Five Oaks and 63p Cymbidium Icho Tower Trinity.
Miltonia flavescens e uma especie epifita, nativa da regiao sul do Brasil e Paraguai (IMES, 1997), com alto valor floristico e rusticidade.
(2009) observed that the presence of activated charcoal in culture medium inhibited the growth of the primary root of Miltonia flavescens Lindl., which presented better development in charcoal-free medium.