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Vendler purposes to consider the first "perfect" poem that John Milton, John Keats, T.
Of the four poets it treats -- John Milton, John Keats, T.
Like Milton, John Bunyan also serves as a rich entry point into larger contextual investigations, though he seems particularly ripe for interdisciplinary collaborations.
The first half of the book harkens back to Merrill's 1994 examination, "Legacy of Wisdom: Great Thinkers And Journalism." Merrill, of course, is most favorably disposed to the spirits of The Enlightenment--John Milton, John Locke, Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire and John Stuart Mill.
Sunstein contrasts his New Deal/Madisonian model of "deliberative democracy" (which is similar to Powe's Right to Know model) with the "marketplace of ideas" model articulated by many people over the centuries, including John Milton, John Stuart Mill, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
"Milton, John" The Oxford Reader's Companion to George Eliot.