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a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone


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The millstone grit of the monument is blackened by years of exposure in the Durham coalfield.
Inside the tunnel, you will see some of the marks left by the hundreds of people who worked there, from carved initials to chisel marks, where workmen chipped away at the millstone grit the tunnel passes through.
Much of the rural Welsh landscape is characterised by its traditional stone field boundaries, with Old Red Sandstone walls in the Brecon Beacons and the Black Mountains, Carboniferous limestone and Millstone Grit in the Valleys and limestone and slate in West and North Wales.
Travel the length and breadth of the earth, and that indefinable quality of being "agin" stays hard like millstone grit.
Heather-strewn hills and moorland, millstone grit, chimney stacks and a bird - the twite, are among the characteristic features and local scenes depicted in the work, which took more than six weeks to create.
HARDCASTLE Crags, near Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, is set in a steep wooded valley where 120 hectares of woodland are punctuated by the millstone grit stacks that give the area its name.
Built of millstone grit in a traditional style, it appears to have been there for a couple of centuries.
of the The feat of engineering, finished in 1811, stretches over three miles through the hard millstone grit and under the Pennines from Marsden to Diggle.
Appropriately, Blackburn is built on Millstone Grit, but it's here, in the heartland of English football, that the credit crunch is beginning to bite.
Look children, there's some millstone grit," the teacher would say.
The Millstone Grit edifice has wooden floors, table and chairs with modern photographs adorning the mostly plain walls.
As well as being home to the northern hairy wood ant, there are tumbling streams, glorious waterfalls and stacks of millstone grit.
On Stanage the walkers can often be outnumbered by rock-climbers gracefully sliding their way up vertical slabs of millstone grit.
What I'd been intending to put there was a millstone grit effigy of a bending Jeffrey Archer being "greeted" by fellow prisoners in the Belmarsh showers, entitled "Statue Tory Rape".
The alternative was flags, York stone, Millstone Grit or whatever, which were even heavier, or you could go for crazy paving, with a lorryload of broken concrete slabs dumped on the drive.