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a hard coarse-grained siliceous sandstone


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Built of millstone grit in a traditional style, it appears to have been there for a couple of centuries.
of the The feat of engineering, finished in 1811, stretches over three miles through the hard millstone grit and under the Pennines from Marsden to Diggle.
Look children, there's some millstone grit," the teacher would say.
What I'd been intending to put there was a millstone grit effigy of a bending Jeffrey Archer being "greeted" by fellow prisoners in the Belmarsh showers, entitled "Statue Tory Rape".
The Millstone Grit edifice has wooden floors, table and chairs with modern photographs adorning the mostly plain walls.
On Stanage the walkers can often be outnumbered by rock-climbers gracefully sliding their way up vertical slabs of millstone grit.
The alternative was flags, York stone, Millstone Grit or whatever, which were even heavier, or you could go for crazy paving, with a lorryload of broken concrete slabs dumped on the drive.
The Colne and the Holme rivers ran through the millstone grit and provided a plentiful supply of soft water, essential for the washing of raw wool.
The feat of engineering, built in 1811, stretches over three miles through the hard millstone grit and under the Pennines from Marsden to Diggle.
Greenhead College 'girl' Becca Thackray has lived more of her life in Brixton than in Huddersfield but poignantly says: "I still have millstone grit in my blood.
I have lived in Brixton longer than I lived in Huddersfield but have still got millstone grit in my blood.
The boat's lights show how the tunnel was hewn by hand from millstone grit, taking thousands of navies years to build.
The last design was the best, so why has this witless council of ours decided to bring granite - granite in a Millstone Grit town?
The rockery is facing south on a gentle slope and they have used good local millstone grit stone to help the rockery harmonise with their stone-built house.
Geologically, he tells of the White Peak and Dark Peak of Millstone Grit and the shales in between that account for the broad green valleys.