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Observed from Earth, the subcluster passed through the cluster center 150 million years ago.
So, the fossils provide direct evidence that a rainforest existed in that area more than 10 million years ago.
4 GASTORNIS (Gaston's Bird): Lived 56-41 million years ago.
Last year, for example, researchers looked at the remains of a chipmunk-like creature that lived 150 million years ago.
If you'd been around 110 million years ago in southeastern Oklahoma, you just might have run into one.
He also found that elephants didn't evolve high-crowned teeth with ridges suitable for grinding grass (like those inside the elephant's mouth at left) until after 5 million years ago.
The name means "crowned dragon from the five-colored rocks," and the species lived about 160 million years ago.
Even though a dinosaur, the protarchaeopteryx ("first ancient wing") looked like a primitive archaeopteryx--the earliest known bird, which lived about 150 million years ago.
Titanosaurs probably produced the fossilized poop pellets 65 million years ago.
Paleontologists (scientists who study the evolution of dinosaurs) have found three new pieces of evidence that they say suggest a connection between the birds we know today and dinosaurs that roamed the earth 100 million years ago.
Scientists haven't had direct evidence that bees lived 100 million years ago, but they've long suspected that the creatures were around.