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one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children)

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Unlike other modes of getting stem cells, these stem cells are easy to collect as children lose their milk teeth as part of growing up.
When she came up with the idea for Wasted, scientists had just discovered discarded body parts, such as bones from joint replacements, umbilical cords, milk teeth and fat from liposuction were a rich source of stem cells.
The option to harvest these cells from milk teeth means that parents have a second and viable option to storing these precious cells.
Occasionally there is a gap, as in the mouth of child losing its milk teeth.
Do cats lose their milk teeth, too, and is it possible he like to bite everything because his gums are itchy?
The first set of teeth to develop, called deciduous (duh-sijyou-us) or milk teeth, start to come out of the gums at about six months of age and finish erupting by about 21/2 years of age.
Even though milk teeth aren't permanent it is still important to keep the teeth and your child's gums in top-notch condition.
NEW parents are being warned to clean their baby's milk teeth from the first day they emerge.
We have got to the stage where our addiction to sugar is so bad that four-year-olds are having to have their milk teeth removed as they are full of decay.
Surely if you're taught to look after your milk teeth, then you're much more likely to make sure your big ones last the distance.
Commonly known as simple milk teeth, primary teeth grow from five-and -a-half months to 24 months, he said, adding that permanent teeth grew from five-and-a half years to thirteen years except wisdom teeth.
The Belvedere Apollo is dug up heralding the onset of The Renaissance as a tiger meets a foe in a Siberian Forest, the Pendle witches are hung in Lancashire, and in tsunami-struck Japanese gardens, South Sea islands and New York hotel rooms, lives are loosened like milk teeth.
A: Even though your child will lose their milk teeth, they still have to be brushed.
Eddie Crouch, Secretary for the Birmingham Local Dental Committee, said decayed milk teeth had been removed from some city kids.