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one of the first temporary teeth of a young mammal (one of 20 in children)

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The main reasons for poor dental health is the use of bottles and pacifiers in infants that result in bad milk teeth health.
He said children develop 20 primary or milk teeth in the first three years of their lives and go through a transition between six-12 years, when the milk teeth are replaced by permanent teeth.
Unlike other modes of getting stem cells, these stem cells are easy to collect as children lose their milk teeth as part of growing up.
When she came up with the idea for Wasted, scientists had just discovered discarded body parts, such as bones from joint replacements, umbilical cords, milk teeth and fat from liposuction were a rich source of stem cells.
The option to harvest these cells from milk teeth means that parents have a second and viable option to storing these precious cells."
Perhaps not so widely known about the equine population is that their milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones when they are between three and five years old.
Occasionally there is a gap, as in the mouth of child losing its milk teeth. Though the camera does not stop, the viewer cannot help but try and hold back, at those moments, from its onward motion and peer through to catch some glimpse of the mysterious other side that, in fact, looks equally bleak.
And hundreds of children aged between four and six are showing such extreme signs of tooth decay that they are left without any milk teeth at all.
Do cats lose their milk teeth, too, and is it possible he like to bite everything because his gums are itchy?
The first set of teeth to develop, called deciduous (duh-sijyou-us) or milk teeth, start to come out of the gums at about six months of age and finish erupting by about 21/2 years of age.
BRIAN replies: Yes, puppies grow 28 "milk teeth" from three weeks of age.
Cement for restoration of milk teeth tseion 200 pcs.
And so I set forth into the world with my canine milk teeth intact, never to be replaced by the permanent canines that had been binned, and as milk teeth aren't meant to last forever, those, too, dropped from the scene after a couple of years.
WHEN a child loses one of their milk teeth, the Tooth Fairy is often at hand, leaving sparkly coins behind while they sleep, for them to find when they wake up.