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the body of laws and rules of conduct administered by military courts for the discipline, trial, and punishment of military personnel

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Article (1) introduces the amendments attached (to this decree) to the Military Judiciary Law promulgated by Royal Decree 110/2011.
Dubai: Bahrain's military judiciary is reviewing the case of three individuals, two civilians and one military, accused of plotting terror attacks against military installations and Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) staff, the National Communication Centre (NCC) has said.
He also referred to the experiment of the Military Judiciary in Sudan, appreciating the cooperation between the Sudanese and Qatari Judiciaries.
Crimes against public institutions, facilities and properties fall under the jurisdiction of the military judiciary," the decree states.
Muscat, Mar 27 (ONA) Royal Oman Police organized today at the Traffic Safety Institute a seminar for senior ROP officers on the Military Judiciary Law.
I've been in the military judiciary for years and I haven't observed anything like it, and I haven't observed it in the civilian judiciary, either.
The minister of defense for his part defended the law and said that rulings of the military courts are subject to inspection and review by the Constitutional Court pointing out that the military judiciary is committed to ensuring that justice controls are in place.
He confirmed that the group to which he was belonging is responsible for bombing headquarters of the military judiciary.
The Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) has launched a military judiciary training program that has been specially customised for the UAE Department of Military Justice.
The parliament also adopted the 16th article of the bill amending the Article 145 of the Turkish Constitution about military judiciary.
His detention was ordered by the chief military justice, although the military judiciary does not have the authority to do so, as its mandate is limited to military affairs.
Assistant Chief of Staff for Supply and Catering, Rear Admiral Yussef Ahmed Malallah, Director of Supply and catering, Major-General Ali Saqr Al-Nuaimi, Military Judiciary President and Court of Cassation President, Major-General Dr.
The defendants will stand trial at the High Military Court, said Military Judiciary head Colonel Yusuf Rashid Flaifel yesterday.
The military judiciary is conducting an investigation.
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