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the body of laws and rules of conduct administered by military courts for the discipline, trial, and punishment of military personnel

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illustrates the ignorance of the military judiciary in civil and criminal law alike," Adel Ramadan, a legal officer at the organization said.
His detention was ordered by the chief military justice, although the military judiciary does not have the authority to do so, as its mandate is limited to military affairs.
The constitution initially assigned the military judiciary to cover crimes involving army and intelligence service personnel, but then allowed military trials for civilians for crimes that represent direct assaults on military facilities.
The family countered Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi's attack against the verdict as Rifi wanted a harsher one, explaining that the government commissioner "doesn't have the right to present the challenge against the verdict and refer the verdict and challenge to cassation court because such right is exclusive to the verdicts of innocence, according to the military judiciary.
Minister of Justice, Maulana Mohammed Bushara Dosa reviewed the final report of the Legal Committee of the State Reform which included different visions on the reform in military judiciary, constitution, political issues, Bar Association, Interior Ministry, the Intelligence and Security Services, Constiutional Court, Ministry of Justice and the general recommendations .
1 -- (BNA): A delegation from the Bahrain Defence Force (BDF)'s Military Judiciary Directorate led by Brigadier Dr.
Abu Ghayda issued a decision saying that the military judiciary did not have jurisdiction over two of the cases he presided over -- the twin suicide attacks against the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, which took place on Nov.
The Royal Oman Police organised yesterday at the Traffic Safety Institute a seminar for senior ROP officers on the Military Judiciary Law.
I've been in the military judiciary for years and I haven't observed anything like it, and I haven't observed it in the civilian judiciary, either.
Amman, May 17 (Petra)--Director General of the Judicial Institute of Jordan Mansour Al Hadidi on Thursday received Head of the founding committee of the Omani military judiciary Brigadier Nasser Bin Sultan Al Harithi and the accompanying delegation.
THE Military Court of Cassation in the BDF Military Judiciary yesterday held its first session to consider objections raised against one of the verdicts issued by the Military High Court of Appeal, presided over by the Military Judiciary's director Judicial Colonel Yusuf Rashid Flaefil.
110/2011 issuing the Military Judiciary Law Article One : The attached Military Judiciary Law shall be applied.
The military judiciary panel will work out soon a blueprint of the new
Also, the Syrian military judiciary has summoned the four Lebanese officers, who were detained from 2005 to 2009, to testify as witnesses in the case of two "false witnesses" Sidik and Khashan, the Agence France Presse reported in a dispatch from Damascus on Tuesday.
The Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) has launched a military judiciary training program that has been specially customised for the UAE Department of Military Justice.
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