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Synonyms for milestone

stone post at side of a road to show distances


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a significant event in your life (or in a project)

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Another milestone was the departure of the Simpsons from Riverboro, bag and baggage, the banquet lamp being their most conspicuous posses- sion.
There was another milestone, a sad one, marking a little grave under a willow tree at Sunnybrook Farm.
"I wonder what she'll think about the mystery of Golden Milestone," remarked Felicity.
Golden Milestone was the beautiful name the Awkward Man had given his home; and there was a mystery about it, as readers of the first volume of these chronicles will recall.
I do b'lieve, too, as that there un'd sooner break his heart than let us go by him afore next milestone."
At the second milestone the boys pulled up short, and waved their hats to the guard, who had his watch out and shouted "4.56," thereby indicating that the mile had been done in four seconds under the five minutes.
I thought I could see along it for many a milestone. Now there is a bend in it.
In the matter of the moss rose there is a great deal to be said on both sides!" I might as well (as the Irish say) have whistled jigs to a milestone. Away they went together, fighting the battle of the roses without asking or giving quarter on either side.
Then he sat down to rest by the side of the milestone, and began to think, for the first time, where he had better go and try to live.
"It was a very hot day, and the road was terribly dusty, and before Hans had reached the sixth milestone he was so tired that he had to sit down and rest.
The remaining topics are deferred to the next milestones management meeting or a separate meeting.
ReNeuron will receive GBP6m on entering into the agreement, up to GBP6m in near-term operational milestones and up to GBP8m in future regulatory milestone payments.
RCB wanted to preserve old milestones but they have disappeared with the start of development in the area and road widening projects.
BABIES and toddlers' lives are full of significant milestones, and it's hard for their parents to avoid worrying if they don't reach them within expected time frames.