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an English noblewoman

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The only alternative explanation for the serious wrongfulness of sexual deception like D'Artagnan's of Milady that Dougherty considers is that it is harmful, which he persuasively argues is inadequate.
IN MERSEY | Kriti Rock, a chemical tanker from Russia; Milady, a cargo carrier from Turkey; and Hafnia Kirsten, a chemical tanker from Papua New Guinea.
After the news (of Sir Rod's knighthood) broke, the driver that takes us into London would say, 'Evening, milady,' and I would reply jokingly, 'London please, Parker.
Andrew Balding's 20-1 winner was under pressure in behind rivals and looked beaten before bursting through to deny Mister Sunshine (hit 2), Hi Milady (2) and Zebspear (1.
Milady Skin Care and Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, 4th Edition
The King is sitting this episode out in his bed, still sulking about last week's perceived betrayal by Milady, who now finds herself banished from court.
While Milady won't take this snub Milady won't take this snub W lying down, both she and Rochefort show tonight just how ruthless they can be.
While W Milady won't take this snub lying down, both she and Rochefort show tonight just how ruthless they can be.
The Musketeers need the help of Milady (Maimie McCoy, left) to save them.
Saddik, '"There's Something Not Natural Here': Grotesque Ambiguities in Tennessee Williams's Kingdom of Earth, A Cavalier for Milady, and A House Not Meant to Stand" (243-62).
Milady Ponsones of Cavite City also contributed photos showing the watersprout.
But after the Cardinal forces Milady to kill the Musketeers by any means necessary, who will be victorious?
There is support from seasoned performers in the cast including Hugo Speer as Captain Treville and Maimie McCoy as the beautiful but treacherous Milady, spy of Cardinal Richelieu, who even made Capaldi suffer.
Alexandre Dumas' novel has been filmed at least a dozen times, but none is more entertaining than the '48 entry, probably because Miss Turner threw herself so completely into the role of Milady, Countess de Winter.
NCB senior vice president Milady Goldstein arranged nearly $18 million in new loans during May, including a $5 million first mortgage for a 36-unit co-op located at 16 East 96th Street in Manhattan;