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Midwest Air Group, which has rejected previous offers from AirTran, said in a statement it would take the revised offer under consideration.
Vecoplan Midwest is responsible for sales in parts of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee and Illinois.
Graham Edwards, interim president and CEO of the Midwest ISO, welcomed SMMPA as the newest member of the Midwest ISO.
Around the same time, Midwest approached Northwest with an offer for them to buy $15 million of the debentures.
Emissions of mercury will be reduced by the installation of mercury controls at every Midwest Gen facility by July of 2009.
AirTran Airways revealed yesterday that it continues to be willing to wager approximately $290 million on the notion that opposites do indeed attract, as the prototypical low-cost carrier said it intends to forge ahead in its bid to acquire Midwest Airlines despite the Milwaukee-based full-service carrier's rejection of its initial overture.
Hoeksema added, "Air Midwest has a long history of providing quality transportation in the Midwest.
The guide will also provide valuable information about campus life and experiences from students at campuses across the Midwest, as well as editorial content from Hobsons about HACU, the college search process, financial aid, and scholarship information.
The boards of directors of Midwest Resources and Iowa-Illinois approved the merger on July 26, 1994.
Midwest Wireless President and CEO Dennis Miller and his leadership team will continue to manage the Midwest Wireless properties.
CO: Midwest Resources; Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company ST:
Insight would emerge from the dissolution of the Insight Midwest partnership as a much smaller MSO operating with approximately 1.
Sue Rozema, vice president and treasurer of Midwest Resources, 515-281-2250/
Midwest Wireless turned to Cohorts for help with segmentation of its subscriber database, so that the company could mail versioned retention messages to customers who are within 30 days of contract expiration, with the goal of improving response rates to its direct mail campaign.
We are pleased to provide this additional opportunity for the stockholders of First Midwest Financial, Inc.
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