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English playwright and pamphleteer (1570-1627)

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Sorrow had softened the military pride of Middleton, and, as he passed the crouching form of the intruder, he said, in tones of great mildness, or rather of kindness--
exclaimed Middleton, turning quickly towards the wretch, who was already dragging his diseased limbs from the place.
If you have any thing to say, speak now," continued Middleton, restraining with difficulty the impatience that urged him to betray his feelings.
I know not," said Middleton, beginning to tire of the fellow's trifling: "courage?
A hundred times in the course of that night did Middleton fancy that the communication of the miscreant was entitled to some attention, and as often did he reject the idea as too wild and visionary for another thought.
Concealing this fact from the others, Middleton repeated his orders and departed.
Furnished with these facts, Middleton detailed a small guard of his most trusty men, took leave of Don Augustin, without declaring his hopes or his fears, and having arrived at the indicated point, he pushed into the wilderness in pursuit.
Kate Middleton is expected to give birth next month, which means she is already in the final stretch of her pregnancy.
Middleton, a nurse from Ponte Vedra Beach, will join The Florida Bar Board of Governors as a public member.
Jason Middleton, Documentary's Awkward Turn: Cringe Comedy and Media Spectatorship (Routledge Research in Cultural and Media Studies), New York, NY: Routledge, 2013, 186 pp.
THE Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, has given her first television interview.
ONE of the North East's top business leaders has pledged to help direct investment in the region as part of his new role as chairman of Middleton Enterprises.
TJFA Under-8s Durham Division Two Shildon AFC Middleton Saints DESPITE having a depleted squad through illness, the little Rangers played well, taking the game to their hosts.
Testimony and closing arguments concluded Wednesday following a three-day court hearing to determine if 28-year-old Don Willburn Collins will be tried as an adult for murder in the death of Robert Middleton.
The Rise of the Neo-Noir 'Heritage' Film, Or, Middleton with a View" (210-26); Douglas M.
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