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a meal that is prepared in advance and frozen

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They added that in an age where microwave meals are on the increase, the company had come up with a compostable food tray that was both ovenproof and microwavable.
Peter Barkwill had been about to help David Trickett make a microwave meal in a medium secure unit at St Nicholas Hospital, Gosforth.
AN elderly man was led to safety by firefighters after a fire started by an overcooked microwave meal.
I can't even read the cooking instructions on a microwave meal without my specs.
With the healthy-eating movement gathering pace, sometimes we need someone to stand up for the nation's microwave meal fans.
A court heard how she would "pop back" every day to feed the starving baby Cheerios breakfast cereal and a microwave meal. But she would then return to a friend's flat to carry on partying during the week-long spell over Christmas and New Year.
The choice of beds also appears on posters together with another image showing two full English breakfasts - one of which is home-cooked and the other a police station microwave meal.
I've got lots of fresh salad stuff, soya milk, Food Doctor which is a healthy microwave meal, goji juice, pomegranates.
For example, a microwave meal may be labelled low in fat but on further inspection of the label you may discover it is very high in calories due to the quantities of salt and sugar con tained in the product.
I spent the last few years eating microwave meals because I worked so hard, but I haven't had a microwave meal this year.
Last meal cooked I'm sorry to say it was a microwave meal but I can't remember what!
While I worry about these machines zapping the protein out of all foodstuffs with the merry trill of their timers (is ``chicken ding'' the earliest recorded Chinese microwave meal?), the alternative was to activate the barbecue or man the Primus stove.
You can just see him, sitting there in his baffies and grey jogging bottoms, end terrace, Marks and Sparks microwave meal on his lap, can of Carling at the side of his barker lounger, shouting at the telly for his team to sort it out.
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