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kitchen appliance that cooks food by passing an electromagnetic wave through it


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The response of a material to microwave heating is defined by its dielectric loss tangent: tan [delta] = [epsilon]"/[epsilon]'.
In order to fully automatize the 915 MHz microwave heating process, the block function diagram (Figure 5) has been implemented.
The final olive oil temperatures, after each microwave heating procedure, were measured immediately after each cooking process using a solid stem thermometer Selecta (model 1090250, Barcelona, Spain).
The coal cores were treated by a microwave heating system (Figure 1).
The samples were dried by a combination of microwave heating for 1 hour before steam injection drying.
Generally, microwave heating is regarded as a volumetric heating technique in which the microwaves interact with the material and heat is generated directly as a result.
Another premise of microwave heating is that use of a focused microwave source can lead to localized heating of the composites.
The literature already shows that microwave heating can be used as an alternative to process some mineral ores (e.g.
Then, to improve the extraction yield of pumpkin pectin, the scientists used microwave heating.
Topics and techniques addressed include biocatalysis, metrics of efficiency, streamlining of synthesis and replacement of old syntheses with new methods, waste reduction and efficiency improvements through judicious solvent choice, continuous processing as an alternative to batch synthesis, real-time monitoring, and microwave heating to increase scale.
During microwave heating, the sample itself becomes the source of heat.
In order to simulate the wood microwave heating process, some related models are created.
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