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COYOTE DTC8 (Drop Termination Closure) The COYOTE DTC8 has ultimate flexibility, supporting a range of fiber organizer systems for splice, distributed splitter and drop applications using traditional cable, blown fiber cable, pushable drop cable technology or microtube cable, as well as pre-connectorized drop applications.
5 mL Eppendorf[R] microtube, fed a droplet of honey, and capped with cotton wool to evaluate their longevity (days).
We are excited to expand our NGS sample preparation portfolio with a microTUBE LV, dedicated to ultra-low volume DNA shearing.
We also prepared heat exchanger based on stainless steel microtubes to estimate the influence of thermal resistance of a polypropylene wall compared to a steel wall.
The Microtube Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow of Dielectric Fluids.
Nasdaq:PBIO), South Easton, Mass, will unveil and release for sale its PCT MicroTube Adapter Kit (patent pending) at the 57th Annual Conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), to be held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (Philadelphia, PA) from May 31 - June 4, 2009.
It will be a sad day when all that remains of the Caribbean's endemic lineages will be old herbarium specimens, some DNA in a microtube, a published phylogenetic paper, and if lucky, a lonely plant in a botanic garden.
showed the fabricated PANI microtube with nanostructured walls using naphthalene-sulfonic acid (NSA) [27, 28].
introduced a 22-lumen nylon microtube two years ago with 21 small lumens around a bigger central lumen with 0.
Approximately 600 [micro]L of supernatant was transferred into a sterile 2-mL microtube, and mixed with 1 mg/mL (final concentration) of bovine serum albumin (Sigma, USA) to remove PCR-inhibitory phenolic compounds (e.
net) Products: Full line of chemigation and fertigation injection systems serving agriculture, horticultural, golf course and turf markets; includes pumps, metering and delivery systems, as well as monitoring devices; MicroTube System for in-furrow plant nutrition delivery system for use on planters, drills and cultivators
His lab is a hotbed of microtube technologies because microtubes have more space-related applications than the Mojave has desert.
Covaris, known for its proprietary Adaptive Focused Acoustics(TM) (AFA) technology, will enhance delivery times by shipping consumables, including the new microTUBE LV(TM), which enables DNA fragmenting in volumes as low as 15 l, from its European distribution centre in Brighton, England.
Then, 100 [micro]l of the sperm pellet was mixed with 100 [micro]g/ml of Hoechst 33258 in a microtube and cultured for 3 min at 37[degrees]C.