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DORADIDAE: Acanthodoras cataphractus, ANSP 161507 (3: 52.757.4 mm SL); Anduzedoras microstomus, ANSP 161518 (4: 31.248.5 mm SL).
Fish could be moving progressively deeper with time but at very slow rates, as suggested for Dover sole (Microstomus pacificus) by Hunter et al.
The species of genus Diaphorocleidus (Monogenea) are reported to various hosts, as Bryconops affnis (Gunther, 1864), Astyanax bimaculatus (Linnaeus, 1758), Hemigrammus microstomus Durbin, 1918 and Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (Boulenger, 1895) (JOGUNOORI et al., 2004).
Relationship between otolith microstructure microchemistry and early life history events in Dover sole Microstomus pacificus.
First records of sinistrality in Microstomus pacificus (Lockington) and Glyptocephalus zachirus Lockington, Pleuronectid fishes of western North America, with meristic data.
In comparison, Dover sole, Microstomus pacificus, the most abundant commercial flatfish on the west coast of the United States, was valued at $200 million in the same period.
Age validation of Dover sole (Microstomus pacificus) by means of bomb radiocarbon.
(1992) indican que Microstomus pacificus tendria fecundidad determinada segun cuatro criterios: 1) en ovarios maduros (diametro medio de ovocitos avanzados > 0,85 mm) existe un hiatus entre el stock de ovocitos maduros y los mas pequenos, menos maduros, 2) la fecundidad total (standing stock de ovocitos vitelados avanzados) declina durante la estacion de reproductiva, 3) la fecundidad total fue mas baja en hembras conteniendo foliculos postovulatorios (indicadores de desove reciente), 4) el diametro medio de los ovocitos avanzados aumenta en la estacion reproductiva, y 5) los analisis de las tandas de desove (proveniente de las distribuciones de tamano de los ovocitos) fue consistente con el supuesto de fecundidad determinada.
deepwater flatfish, (Dover sole, Microstomus pacificus; Greenland turbot, Reinhardtius hippoglossoides; and deep-sea sole, Embassichthys bathybius), rockfish (Sebastes spp.), pollock (Theragra chalcogramma), etc.
The eggs of blackcheek tonguefish (Symphurus plagiusa), small-mouth flounder (Etropus microstomus), and butterfish (Peprilus triacanthus) were smallest on average; each species had one egg with a measured diameter of 0.57 mm.
Tests were conducted in 1998 in the Gulf of Alaska on a deepwater flatfish complex including the economically important flatfish rex sole, Glyptocephalus zachirus; Dover sole, Microstomus pacificus; and flathead sole, Hippoglossoides elassodon, and the low-value but abundant arrowtooth flounder, Atherestes stomias.
Fecundity spawning, and maturity of female Dover sole Microstomus pacificus, with an evaluation of assumptions and precision.
Target species include rex sole, Glyptocephalus zachirus; Dover sole, Microstomus pacificus; and flathead sole, Hippoglossoides elassodon.