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a commercial browser


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It automatically accepts or rejects cookies from specified servers using the 32-bit versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator with or without the user's interaction.
A flaw in the Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Engine may allow an attacker to exploit a race condition and possibly execute code of their choosing on the victim host with the privileges of the user running Internet Explorer.
Add-On for Microsoft Internet Explorer Enables Users to Instantly Search Records, Add Accounts or Contacts, Set Orders/Tasks/Events and Much More
Advanced Reality(TM), the company that makes applications collaborative, today announced JYBE a free browser plug-in for both Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla Firefox that allows two or more people to surf the web together regardless of their geographic location.
OTCBB:PIVX), is advising US-CERT that its recommendation for Internet users to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) merely avoids the current browser security problems, without addressing the need for a long-term solution.
NASDAQ: TPTI), the leader in intrusion prevention, today announced that UnityOne(TM) Intrusion Prevention Systems protect customers against the recent Web attacks that exploit Microsoft Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, for which a patch currently does not exist.
The new application, which integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer, is available for free and can be downloaded from www.
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