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(trademark) an operating system with a graphical user interface

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The two companies do have a history of working together: In 1993 they collaborated on a mass-market accounting package called Microsoft Profit, which crashed and burned almost as fast as the legendary Microsoft Bob.
Not surprisingly, Microsoft's biggest product failure had been its first cartoon agent, Microsoft Bob, who had briefly appeared in a consumer application in 1996.
Speakers at the events have included noted MIT economist Lester Thurow, former COO of Microsoft Bob Herbold, former editor of the Harvard Business Review, Joel Kurtzman and legendary adman Al Reis.
It's tempting to write off Microsoft's "social interface" (originally embodied in the Microsoft Bob shell program) as a truly dumb idea that no amount of Redmondian marketing muscle could salvage.
With integrated multimedia components and pre-loaded software, including Microsoft BOB, the Ready Series is ready for education, entertainment, surfing the Internet, managing household finances, and managing a home office right out of the box.
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