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a worker who routes shipments for distribution and delivery

(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks

a power tool with a shaped cutter

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Companies are struggling to implement and manage a microsegmentation strategy that adheres to Zero Trust security principles, said Tom Cross, Chief Technology Officer for OPAQ Networks.
4.2 Approach to the dynamic microsegmentation of industrial market
An example of this microsegmentation can be seen in the rapid rise of blogs or online personal diaries and news columns.
Ryan and Holbrook (1982) propose a construct, decision-specific conflict, in an attempt to integrate purchasing conflict, exchange transactions and microsegmentation. Using 17 purchasing decisions faced by automobile fleet administrators, homological validity was supported by an inverted U shaped relationship between conflict and responsibility weighted by time.
This is a mathematical variation of what Danaher and Rust (1992) refer to as the conditional independence approach, which, in turn, follows the logic of the microsegmentation approach suggested by Claycamp and Massy (1968).
"VMware has been a longstanding vendor to help Gore create and manage our SDDC, and most recently NSX became the game-changer by delivering microsegmentation across our global data centers.
Many are deploying multiple SDN technologies to support core networking functions as well as adjacent, specific use cases such as microsegmentation. Consequently, the vendor landscape is growing increasingly coopetitive as opposed to purely competitive (e.g., market leaders Cisco and VMware moving toward a more amenable relationship).
microsegmentation, autoscaling and self-service for app developers.
Standley and other retailers have found that the proliferation and microsegmentation of products really hasn't delivered on the bottom line.
* We are now in the second decade of the microsegmentation trend, as more and more highly specialized businesses and entrepreneurs search for narrower niches.
That would give banks plenty of traction in designing their networks, and they could save microsegmentation for tactical marketing programs (such as targeted cross-selling), since programs of this sort can tailor value propositions for microsegments more economically than a dedicated channel can.
The structure of the purchasing process is used as the basis for a segmentation scheme by Choffray and Lilien (1980) and buying behavior is used for microsegmentation by Rangan et al.