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one millionth (10^-6) of a second

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Figures 3,a,b show the luminescence at nanosecond and microsecond discharges in gas bubbles in water.
The Direct insertion sort algorithm obtained in java an average run-time / array of 218.808273 microseconds, in C ++ an average run-time / array of 999.756718 microseconds and in C# an average run-time / array of 1817.122120 microseconds.
* 2nd defect: height h2 [approximately equal to] 25 mm and expected time t2 = 28.5 microseconds;
- Pulse widths from 25 to 8,750 microseconds (maximum pulse width varies by model)
While fiber optic cables operate at about 2/3's the speed of light in a vacuum, even that is not necessarily fast enough, when you are looking at shaving microseconds from a transaction.
Tokyo, June 3, 2011 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced the release of Primesoft Server v1.1, the latest version of its high-speed, in-memory data management software that combines high availability and scalability to enable microsecond (one-millionth of a second)-level processing, available in Japan only.
Most FAA Advisory Circulars dealing with airfield lighting equipment specify that the equipment must be protected against a lightning surge of anywhere between 3,000 and 20,000 Amps for a duration of 8/20 microseconds.
It also shortened the day by about 2.7 microseconds.
<p>This oversubscription plays a role in the latency of today's switches in a three-tier data center architecture, which is 50 to 100 microseconds for an application request across the network, Layland says.
of Cary, North Carolina USA, announces that its magnetostrictive Temposonics linear-position sensors are now available with a faster update-rate option that allows for measurements every 100 microseconds. This provides more accuracy for injection-molding machines, extruders, and thermoforming machines.
Intel says the new iteration has improved on some aspects of performance, boasting up to a 25 percent reduction in latency (which translates into greater speed for accessing data); Intel says a hard disk drive's latency spec would be at 4,000 microseconds, while the new X25-M carries a rating of just 65-microseconds.
"Cutting microseconds out of applications that are already low latency requires vendors to work together, and working with TIBCO Rendezvous is important to our customers," said Moiz Kohari, vice president of engineering for Open Platform Solutions at Novell.
Based on their experiments, the material could enable 500 operations in 10 microseconds before losing its ability to retain information, making it a good candidate for a qubit.
Even with bomb-grade uranium, the atomic explosion will occur only if the sub-critical elements of the bomb are held together for several microseconds against the burgeoning force of the reaction.
These ASICs open Fibre Channel frames and perform the I/O mapping required to reroute the frames in less than 20 microseconds per frame.