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Synonyms for miniskirt

a very short skirt


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Did she wear a fluorescent micromini to the opening of Congress?
Dushku first appears in a micromini dress, showcasing her most formidable assets.
They have made me a cool micromini that was so short I had to ask them to let it down a bit because I couldn't lift my arms up!
Then the music changed, and a model dressed in a black micromini appeared, brandishing a whip and followed by a series of girls in outfits ranging from sequinned leggings to leather corsets, all in black of course.
To overcome this problem, the crews used a micromini excavator, along with handheld picks and shovels to dig the hole.
Old sci-fi books garner a quaintly creaking quality, rendered as archaic as Lieutenant Uhura's micromini spacesuit.