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a set of tags and rules (conforming to SGML) for using them in developing hypertext documents

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LOD will provide ontologies to formalize the user information needs and will enable seeding learning by providing instances (triples) and web pages formally annotated through RDFa or microformats. Such background knowledge will be used to seed semisupervised web-scale learning.
* Microformats. Electronic business cards, or vCards, quickly deliver your contact information to your customers.
The proposed "microformat" would reportedly include a story's subject, location, writer, news principle, and usage rights.
Table 4: Tantek Celik's Microformat Design Principles * Solve a specific problem * Start as simply as possible, and evolve * Humans first and machines second * Reuse existing widely adopted standards * Modular and embeddable First, design microformats to solve a specific problem, such as keeping track of your friends, or sharing calendar events.
The print collections of the UNLV Libraries comprise nearly 800,000 monographs; approximately 7,500 serials subscriptions; over 90,000 media resources; and more than 1.5 million items in microformat. The main library includes a large federal government depository collection that offers print and electronic access to government information resources.
Librarians have been engaged in building and integrating the virtual library for some time, but initially as an extension of the print era--databases of searchable citations whose primary use was to locate print materials on paper or in microformat. The combination of computer software, hardware, and networks forms the most powerful tool yet for organizing and accessing information and ideas.
Web access to material formerly locked into the user-unfriendly microformat will be a momentous occasion for users.
iWatch: the intense flow of microformats of "glance journalism" that feed six of the main online media
Both Periscope and Vine serve as microformats for content on Twitter.
These are "a simple way to add bookmarks to readable data elements such as events, contact information or places, in web sites, so the information within them can be extracted, indexed, searched, saved, by crossing references or combining them" (Microformats community, 2014).
These search engines all support markup, which not necessarily ignore other types of markup such as microformats or RDFa.
This layering of semantic meaning can be accomplished through microformats or microdata--which have been around for almost a decade--or specifically through a more recently developed set of structures defined through
The papers are not organized by topic, so the reader will enjoy the serendipity of browsing, with individual paper topics that include a topos induced by qualitative mapping, an efficient method for correcting vehicle license plate tilt, microformats for innovative lexicons, leveraging cloud computing in geodatabase management, and partial order relations in granular computing.
Microformats Made Simple tells of HTML-based design patterns that can help add meaning to web content, and are used by some of the most visible sites on the web.