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Fogle: Yes, this test can identify potential dysbiosis to see if there's not enough good, healthy microflora compared to potentially harmful microflora.
Importantly, young mice fed the obesity-generating diet were able to resolve inflammation after a heart attack, even though their gut microflora had already been altered by the diet.
Another complexity in the development of probiotic, prebiotic, and postbiotic skin care is that each person may have a different need in terms of their skin microflora and that microflora is inherently different in different body parts.
Keywords: carrot seed oil, broiler, gut microflora, malondialdehyde, meat lightness.
The profile of the newborn gut microflora is associated definitely with age, race, and mainly on feeding habits (15-19).
Scientists at Colorado State University set out to determine the effects of a sulfuric acid sodium sulfate spray on the natural spoilage microflora, off-odor characteristics and discoloration properties of pork sub-primal cuts during the product's vacuum storage and simulated retail display.
Having less beneficial bacteria as they enter into their new world, the microflora they will develop is different and less effective.
The number of antibiotic resistant microflora is growing yearly, the number of antibiotics is growing as well since microflora becomes resistant to them and more and more complications develop during urological diseases, he went on saying.
The digestive tract of all animals is sterile at birth, contact with mother and environment leads to establishment of varied microflora. All multicellular organisms live in close association with surrounding microbes.
Probiotics are live bacterial culture that, when applied topically, influence the composition of skin microflora. The first mention of topical probiotics as a therapeutic treatment for skin conditions appeared in the medical literature in 1912, and was termed "topical bacteriotherapy." It was not until 1999 that researchers were able to hone-in on exactly how probiotic application to the skin might improve dermatological health.
Introduction: Our microflora are increasingly seen as key to who we are, directly affecting digestion, immune, neuroendocrine and circulatory functions, and being central to metabolism and elimination.
Together, these technologies enable the oral administration and targeted release of a broad spectrum of healthy gut microflora.
Multiple human epidemiological studies have revealed the effects of environmental factors on the prevalence of MS [11] and demonstrated that viral infections, lack of sun exposure, vitamin D deficiency, active or passive smoking, season of birth, obesity, vitamin A deficiency, dietary habits (especially high levels of salt and fat), stress, and the intestinal microflora play a significant role in the initiation of the disease.
The metabolic activity of the gut microflora is comparable to that of an organ inside another organ, being able to influ ence the mucosal homeostasis and immune responses [2].