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a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular

a program used to view HTML documents

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Geoworks alleges that's microbrowser software infringes its patent, according to Sanyo.
has developed an advanced microbrowser that dramatically improves how content is viewed, downloaded and used on current and next-generation wireless devices.
(Nasdaq: OPWV), Redwood City, Calif., the combination of and, has launched WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-certified mobile phones containing its enhanced UP.Browser microbrowser, which now includes support for location-based services and secure download of consumer content and over-the-air-provisioning data.
KBrowser Palm Edition, a small footprint, high-performance, WAP 1.2 compliant microbrowser, first released in May of 2000, is broadly recognized for its friendly user interface and has emerged as the de facto WAP microbrowser for Palm among consumers and mobile application developers.
In the near term, content providers are using server software to reformat Web pages for access via microbrowsers. Ultimately, more and more content will be designed specifically for microbrowser access, especially data specific to handheld devices, effectively creating a multilayered World Wide Web.
"Almost the entire wireless industry has coalesced around their microbrowser strategy and we look forward to delivering compelling Internet-based content to mass-market wireless phones and hand-held devices."
To allow users to make purchases, trade stocks, bank and access information over the Internet, the GSM tri-band phone can read two smart cards - a SIM card and a third party electronic banking card - and also incorporates a WAP 1.1 microbrowser.
When Mobilmagic's services begin in the middle of next year, the two companies say they will "aggressively promote" phones using Microsoft's microbrowser technology and palm devices running CE.
As part of the agreement, Digium will modify the Asterisk graphic user interface, Asterisk Business Edition application and Asterisk OS to integrate with Polycom's SIP-based desktop and conference phones, which will enable simplified provisioning and support for advanced telephony features, including shared line appearance, XML microbrowser plugins and Polycom HD Voice.
-- Openwave 7.0 Internet microbrowser - lets users browse graphic-rich xHTML sites
As a key component of its new software platform, Pixo also has announced the availability of the Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0.
Using the new Pixo Internet Microbrowser 2.0 and Google's wireless search engine technology, mobile phone users will be able to easily search and access HTML-based Internet content.
Microsoft Mobile Explorer is a modular wireless applications and services platform for phones that allows industry partners to choose the solution which best fits their needs using components selected from a suite that includes a dual-mode microbrowser, a smart phone based on the Windows CE operating system, additional applications and server-side components.
Devices for the trials have been manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Sagem SA, using the OS-independent microbrowser Microsoft acquired with STNC Ltd in July.
The software suite also supports Bluetooth and Internet capabilities such as WAP, microbrowser and Java.