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Synonyms for disinfectant

Synonyms for disinfectant

an agent (as heat or radiation or a chemical) that destroys microorganisms that might carry disease

preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms

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Microbiocides. Three of the 87 pesticides detected in household dust were microbiocides (Table 1), although all three may have some fungicidal properties as well (U.S.
Integra 44 microbiocide offers broad-spectrum antimicrobial protection in a range of consumer and industrial liquid cleaning formulations.
* Add appropriate dosage of microbiocide. * Add corrosion inhibitor at twice the normal maintenance dosage and maintain pretreatment level for a period of two weeks to establish inhibitory film.
MATERIAL NAME LBS GALLONS LETDOWN BINDER 671.7 75.9 BYK-024 DEFOAMER 1.0 0.12 WATER 83.5 10.0 DOWANOL[TM] DPNB PLASTICIZER 7.56 0.99 PROPYLENE GLYCOL 6.0 0.69 KATHON[TM] LX 1.5% MICROBIOCIDE 1.5 0.18 ADJUST VISCOSITY WATER 46.45 5.57 ACRYSOL[TM] RM-3000 RHEOLOGY MODIFIER 40.0 4.6 ACRYSOL[TM] RM-995 10.0 1.15 BYK-024 1.0 0.12 BIOBAN[TM] IPBC 40LE 7.0 0.69 TOTALS 875.71 100.0 * Clear Formulation 112 ozs/gal of Pure Options Black Colorant was added for performance testing.
The gray-white LSR vaginal ring weighs 8 g and contains 25 mg of the microbiocide Dapivirine, as well as 30% silica in both A and B components.
Ashland Specialty Ingredients, a commercial unit of Ashland Inc., today announced Ecocert, the global certifying body for sustainable products, has verified that Integra 44 microbiocide conforms to its standards for use in natural laundry detergents.
Attributes/Comments: Rocima 586 industrial microbiocide is a VOC-free, broad spectrum preservative for water-based industrial products and raw materials.
The microbiocide is often added to the final holding tank or to the fluid stream just ahead of the last filter.
Dow Microbial Control, a business group of The Dow Chemical Company, recently launched an educational campaign called "Genuine Glutaraldehyde." The campaign is designed to help customers distinguish glutaraldehyde from counterfeit products while also highlighting the benefits of the microbiocide.
Although we identified compounds that were previously shown to inhibit a particular enzyme class or receptor, we surprisingly discovered that triclosan, a microbiocide present in personal care products, inhibits carboxylesterases and that dichlone, a fungicide, strongly inhibits the ryanodine receptors.
The microbiocide is also formaldehyde-free, environmentally acceptable, rapidly biodegradable and not bioaccumulating.
Attributes/Comments: Rocima 30 microbiocide provides excellent antimicrobial activity including BIT-resistant organisms.
Such a system provides a direct method of generating chlorine dioxide, which is a highly effective microbiocide - the chlorine dioxide molecule acts as a free radical.
Products sold under brand names BIOCHEK industrial preservative, TEKTAMER commercial microbiocide, METASOL commercial fungicide/parasiticide/biocide and PREVENTOL preservative/biocide.
Products: Kathon LX 1.5% in-can preservative; Rocima BT 25 in-can preservative; Rocima BT 15 in-can preservative; Rocima BTNV 2 in-can preservative; Rocima 607 in-can preservative; Skane M-8 mildewcide; Rozone 2000 microbiocide; Rocima 200 microbiocide; Rocima 355 microbiocide; Rocima 63 fungicide/algaecide; Rocima 65 fungicide/algaecide; and Rocima 20, 40 and 404 D fungicides.
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