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It is a problem facing scientists around the world and Prof Black and his team are taking a different approach by tapping into nature and finding out how micro-organisms found in the soil tackle the problem.
Certain types of micro-organisms can become yet another source of elements which result in accelerated metal removal and premature failures in underground steel pipelines.
Every protein, regardless of its origin, can be manufactured in micro-organisms or cell cultures once its encoding gene is known.
This interaction involves many factors discussed earlier, such as the age of the person, previous exposure, proximity to the infection site and a variety of other subtle human and micro-organism idiosyncrasies.
If there are beer spoilage micro-organisms detected by any of the control steps, then measures have to be taken depending on the degree of infection already developed.
Syngenta will also provide a dedicated R&D program for the selection of relevant micro-organisms.
The study showed that more than 7,000 different microbes were found in the fingers and the screens and about eighty two percent of the micro-organisms found in the fingers of the volunteers were present in the phone as well.
It will also have impact in biology and public health, by providing a better understanding of micro-organism adaptation (such as the emergence of new pathogens or the development of antibiotic resistances).
Study co-author Michael Adams said: "What we have done is create a micro-organism that does with carbon dioxide exactly what plants do - absorb it and generate something useful.
These are not aggressive chemical compounds, but when acting on a micro-organism, they cause the organism's membrane to burst before it has a chance to reproduce.
The CLINPROT(TM) product line (for research use only) covers various aspects of biomarker analysis with special emphasis on body-fluid and tissue profiling, MALDI molecular imaging, and protein/peptide-based micro-organism identification and classification.
Relman: Today, anyone with a high-school education can use widely available protocols and prepackaged kits to modify the sequence of a gene or replace genes within a micro-organism.
Contract notice: Tests for serological diagnostics of infections and identification of micro-organisms.
The scientists believe micro-organisms, which are active at temperatures of -40C are probably causing activity below the icy crust.
Can there really be 20 billion micro-organisms ("guaranteed at the time of manufacture'') in those dry capsules that will spring into action in my digestive tract?