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a member of the Algonquian people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada


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the Algonquian language of the Micmac

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Le tableau 1 presente les propositions du guide d'enseignement pour l'amorce de l'etude de la diversite des Inuits et des Micmacs vers 1980.
FREAKONOMICS: Just as inventiveness trumps might in "Micmacs," "Freakonomics" celebrates smarts.
Resume : Pretre seculier ayant oeuvre aupres des Micmacs entre 1735 et 1762, Pierre Maillard a d'abord retenu l'attention des historiens en raison du role determinant qu'il a joue dans le maintien de l'alliance franco-micmaque.
"We found Micmacs everywhere in these Provinces, and scattering ones all the way to Montreal," Protestant missionary Silas T.
Anger, however, suggests that "Newfoundland Micmacs also relied less on birch bark than did their mainland counterparts" (24).
He needed these troops not only because of the obvious hostility of the Micmacs who were being incited to attack the settlement by the French, but also to maintain order among his own unruly settlers who were "inconceivably turbulent." After a raid in which four settlers were killed, he offered a reward of 10 guineas for each Micmac, dead or alive.
Upton, "Indians and Islanders: The Micmacs in Colonial Prince Edward Island," (Autumn 1976) 6 Acadiensis 1, at 23-25.
-- are aware that true Native art is not manufactured all the way in the Far East (Micmacs excluded).
At any rate, Le Loutre was the parish priest of the village of Beaubassin and a missionary of uncommon zeal among the Micmacs. It had become his personal crusade to defend the Catholic faith in the New World, and one of the ways he intended to do that was to persuade the Acadians in English territory to move north into the French-held lands above the Missisquash.
To establish the cultural order within which Powhatan's political projects made sense to his people, Gleach uses historical and ethnographic material written about the Micmacs, Ojibwas, Shawnees, Maliseets, Sauks, Montagnais, Delawares, and Penobscots to examine well-established relationships among Algonquian peoples over both space and time.
When the first European explorers arrived five centuries ago, there were about 10,000 to 35,000 Micmacs living in eastern Canada.
The idea is a worthy one but it is very difficult because we have Micmacs on reservations and some of the reservations are very small.
ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS Cert 12A, 78mins ???lowing Amelie, Micmacs and A Very Long Engagement, the French are starting to have a monopoly on whimsical romantic comedies and, with this piece of amiable fluff, it's business as usual.
THE visually stunning MICMACS, from acclaimed director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amlie and Delicatessen) follows an oddball group of friends (including Dany Boon, left) as they attempt to topple France's biggest arms dealers in a series of bizarre escapades.