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Florentine sculptor and painter and architect

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The task of the sculptor is to discover it." Much like Michaelangelo's sculptures that were molded, carved, and chiseled into life over time, Charo's love for Cesar was strengthened by inspiration, wisdom, truth, and a lifetime of possibilities.
MOTHER AND CHILD Rock Gathercole's dark and regal robe featuring Michaelangelo's Pieta (photo by Roj Miguel)
On Thursday, evidence reportedly showed that Middleton is the one who is most similar to Michaelangelo, and it's not only because they are both fond of eating pizza.
Michaelangelo's mother, Claudia Grier, is pressing the wrongful death claim in her capacity as personal representative of her son's estate.
The Sistine chapel may have exquisite frescoes adorning it's famous vaulted ceilings - but if Michaelangelo ever had the chance to gaze upon the steel grey skies of West Yorkshire framing the largest single span petrol station roof in northern Europe, I suspect he may have downed tools forever, having witnessed the pinnacle of man's artistic achievement in the shape of the BP garage.
The Michaelangelo Campus will house nine sound stages, production office space, and workshops for each stage, in addition to offering eight loading docks and secure on-site parking.
A source said: "Getting Gordon Ramsay to cook you fish and chips feels like getting Michaelangelo to decorate the ceiling in your spare bedroom.
WORCESTER -- When Michaelangelo Mangual was out to dinner with his fiancee for Valentine's Day in the Canal District, he said, he saw firetrucks whizzing past and had a terrible feeling.
MICHAELANGELO'S Telephone: 0141 638 7772 Opening hours: Mon-Thurs, 9am-11pm; Fri-Sat 9am-1am; Sun 11am-11pm.
Olszewski, eight contributors' essays include such topics as Michaelangelo at San Lorenzo, Mochaela and the invention of the figura serpentinata, the genii on the Sistine Chapel, color symbolism in Michaelangelo's Temptation and Expulsion from Paradise, and a Machivellian display for the purposes of the Medici.
Michaelangelo said it was designed by the angels, and you'll find yourself reduced to an awe-stricken whisper.
THREE million tourists a year file through the Vatican's Sistine Chapel to gaze up at Michaelangelo's fresco The Last Judgement.
But perhaps the big winner was Conway itself, which drew 25 presenters to this eighth installment of the event and a packed house to hear them at Michaelangelo's downtown.
Our savvy guests now have on the go information for all W Hotels, including access to W's signature Whatever/Whenever service, as well as exclusive music content curetted by our Global Music Director, Michaelangelo L'Aqua, from DJs all over the world.
Iranian artist Gita Meh is drawn to the charm of the Renaissance and the concept of its master and her inspiration, Michaelangelo, is the theme of her ongoing exhibition in Dubai.