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fictional character created by Charles Dickens

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A word on the current wave of Micawberism, fed by misleading or mendacious reports that the surge is succeeding; the Iraqi government, police, and security forces could still improve; sectarian violence is declining; and so on.
Less foolish than this Micawberism, but no less futile, are calls for a bipartisan compromise to signal a change in direction, such as Sen.
If one looks at the list presented earlier of wrong reactions to the current mess and looming danger in Iraq--indecision, Micawberism, wishful thinking, self-deception, and stubborn refusal to face facts and accept consequences--one can find plenty of persons and institutions to blame for actively promoting these follies, but one cannot ignore the general public's role in actively endorsing, participating in, or passively tolerating them.
1985, at 447 ("The Court's acceptance of the propositions that foreign arbitrators will respect treble damage claims, that they will enforce American antitrust law where applicable, and that their omissions may be corrected at the award enforcement stage will strike some as so much Micawberism.").
The Blair campaign rejected political Micawberism, the belief that sooner or later victory would turn up for the Labour Party.