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fictional character created by Charles Dickens

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For the past 10 years, that Micawberish attitude has defined Japanese policy-makers' approach to the country's economic crisis.
With an apparent rise in right-wing ultranationalism, a confused and at times supine state, and the replaying of all-too-familiar battles between leftist and rightist extremists in Germany's streets, all but the most Micawberish students of the new Germany were evincing concern that occasionally bordered on alarm.
Objections to changing the electoral system in Canada usually hinge on fear of the consequences and a Micawberish hope that "something will turn up" to resolve present difficulties.
One of the three men is a drunken, verbose, and Micawberish Emerson-quoter labeled impressionistically "the fat man." The other two are a "nondescript, middle-aged man" and a "young man" who has lost an arm in the battle.
The Micawberish mathematics of adding these two minus points together is 'result misery'.
They will have their heads well buried, oblivious to the shifting sands of change around them, choosing to peck away at what is available, secure in their Micawberish belief that something will turn up.