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any metamorphic rock that can be split into thin layers

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The Quartz Mica Schist unit in chainage 2275-3600m was observed generally light grey to grey in colour, moderately hard, and weathered at the surface.
1 Description of weathering profile over quartz mica schist
The Arquia Group is formed by garnet amphibolites, greenschists and mica schists, from basic, volcano-sedimentary and pelitic protoliths, respectively, metamorphosed under greenschist and amphibolite facies conditions (Restrepo & Toussaint, 1976; Arias & Caballero, 1978; Sanchez, 1988; Rios Reyes, et al.
The Patterson West project area is located over the mostly granitic Clearwater Domain, but the basement conductors interpreted form the VTEM survey and the presence of kaolinitic and hematitic mica schist in the last 35 metres of historical drill hole SAM15 indicates the presence of either a sedimentary package or a significant shear zone.
The Saint Barthelemy massif is composed of three major units, in places separated by unconformities: a basal gneiss unit, a migmatite unit overlain by a mica schist envelope, and finally a weakly metamorphosed Paleozoic succession.
The hole then passed into oxidized quartzite and quartz mica schist from 50 feet to termination depth.
Measured Stratigraphic Section at Pind Khan Khel: The Early Paleozoic succession in the Pind Khan Khel area starts with basal conglomerates of about 40 m thick followed by quartz mica schist having a thickness of about 80 m and quartzite with subordinate siltstone bands in its middle part.
Parameter Unit Ore body Mica schist Unit weight MN/ 0.
Mica schist have a paragenesis of quartz + muscovite + biotite with minor garnet, chloritoid and plagioclase, and locally andalusite porphyroblasts cutting the [S.
Many collections contain specimens of turquoise crystals on either a mica schist or a white quartz breccia recovered from the dumps of this small mine.
Seismic constructions suggest that the main rocks in the section are presented by mica schist and black shale.
The intrusion of a granitic batholith into the Sao Tome mica schist complex about 600 m.
Jiricek (1991) pointed out the fact that the mica schist zone lines the whole Moldanubicum along the Dyje Dome.
Soil sampling results suggest a false bedrock layer of shingled barren quartz mica schist exists about 3 to 4 feet below surface.