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an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Micah foretelling the destruction of Jerusalem

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DNV GL's laboratory in Dublin, Ohio, has supported this unique type of analysis for over ten years in addition to performing forensic corrosion investigation of pipeline failures caused by MIC.
More than 2,000 extended coupon analyses are performed each year to support several US oil and gas pipeline operators in assessing and mitigating internal corrosion and MIC.
All in all, it is clear that much will rely on the programmer's ability to avoid performance pitfalls, which emphasizes the importance of any profiling tools that will be provided with MIC.
As Intel told me, an application just needs to be able to scale to a large number of cores running in an SMP environment to run on MIC.
Internet security is a top issue of concern to most users in Taiwan, according to the MIC.
Enhanced media security through the use of decryption codes stored in the MIC.
The Tax Court determined that the intangible assets could not be attributed to MIC; Arnold never entered into a covenant not to compete (or any other agreement) with MIC by which any of Arnold's distribution agreements, his relationships with the supermarkets or his ice-cream expertise became property of MIC.
The gas industry members urged GRI to pursue a research program into MIC.
Significant progress has been made in understanding MIC in gas industry facilities, and practical tools have been developed to better detect, mitigate, and prevent MIC.
These advancements led to the publication of a second field guide(4) on internal MIC diagnosis, mitigation, and monitoring, and to the production of a video on diagnosis and treatment of both internal and external MIC.
The former is intended for immediate use by corrosion personnel in the field while the latter will be a primary source of information for the development of an expert system for the diagnosis and treatment of MIC.
He said Narayanasamy, a minister of state and an elected member of the Central Working Committee, the Congress Party's highest decision-making body, was excited with the proposal to have stronger links with the MIC.
The staff and management of our businesses pulled together to restore these operations with minimal impact on the financial performance of IMTT and Atlantic Aviation in 2012," said James Hooke, Chief Executive Officer of MIC.
We are pleased that Atlantic has been able to expand its market-leading network into the Pacific Northwest," said James Hooke, Chief Executive Officer of MIC.
These transactions are consistent with Atlantic's previously disclosed strategy of selling FBOs when an attractive valuation can be achieved and proceeds effectively redeployed," said James Hooke, Chief Executive Officer of MIC.