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an unwholesome atmosphere

unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources


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We rarely ventured out beyond the polycrest (forty-five or so "most commonly prescribed remedies") and heard about the use of miasms to select remedies in obvious cases like patients needing Thuja, Medorrhinum, Tuberculinum, or Syphilinum.
Rajan's Sensation Method has revamped, enriched, and made much more meaningful and practical the miasms. The masterful work written by our colleagues and friends, Nancy Herrick, PA, and Roger Morrison, MD, Miasms of the New Millenium, has elaborated on this method beautifully.
Physicians who advocated the anticontagionist theory of disease etiology believed that infection was the disseminating vector of disease--humans contracted illnesses directly from local miasms, not from other people.
Section 5 clarifies remedy signatures and looks for patterns in miasms and in the kingdoms of minerals, animals and plants.
Ortega gave the three miasms of Hahnemann specific characteristics.
OCTOBER 14-16: INTRODUCING MIASMS AND NOSODES with Louis Klein FSHom in Nashville, Tennessee.
There existed an array of evil spirits, miasms, humors, and other external influences that were the harbingers of death.
* The psoric, sycotic, syphilitic, malarial, ringworm, cancer, tubercular, and leprosy miasms provide a framework for understanding past, current, and future possible health states in a patient and matching homeopathic medicines for healing these possible states.
In many cases, miasms come up as priority treatment issues, primarily because they are very common and frequently contribute to the development of chronic illnesses.
Rajan Sankaran, our teacher, Rhus tox falls under the "typhoid" miasm. Miasms are hereditary layers of disposition, and Dr.
(4.) Described in homeopathy as "miasms" or inherited propensities, traits, and tendencies.
Hahnemann had his theory of illness, largely based on the notion of miasms. He thought there were three miasms: psora, syphilitic, and sycotic miasms.
More than one homeopathic medicine, even from different kingdoms or miasms, can work well with a given patient.
She had a holistic family medical practice for 18 years and specialized in herbal medicine, homeopathy, and women's health car Linda is currently devoting time to land preservation project in Port Townsend, Washington and is also writing a book on work she developed in her practice on the significant impact that chemical, drug, and radiation miasms have on peoples' health in modern times.